Ohio Economic Development Association Committees

If you are an OEDA member interested in being involved with any of OEDA's committees, your input is welcome! Please feel free to contact the committee chairs listed below (contact information for each can be found on the OEDA board page), or contact the OEDA offices at oeda@assnoffices.com.

Communications Committee – Jeremiah Gracia, VP Communications

The OEDA Communications Committee is charged with making OEDA the voice of economic development throughout Ohio. We help to spread economic development news throughout Ohio, both to members and on behalf of members. So many dynamic changes are taking place in the Ohio economy. OEDA provides our members and member communities the vital information they need to adapt to economic changes. Recognizing the need for current, meaningful information, OEDA and the Communications Committee will offer a more frequent and content rich electronic newsletter, provide a list serve for members, and produce a resource guide for public officials and new development professionals.

The Speaker’s Bureau is an exciting new program that was recently launched to help identify members who are willing to lend their expertise and speak on behalf of the profession.  As the preferred source for economic development information, OEDA often receives requests for media interviews and guest speakers.  These requests might be based on geography such as having someone from speak from a local or regional perspective. Or they may be related to a specific topic and the need for a content area expert to share their knowledge and insight on a given subject.  You can express your interest in this program in your member profile.

Economic Development Policy and Programs Committee - Jamie Beier-Grant and Quinten Harris, Co-Chairs

The OEDA Economic Development Policy and Programs Committee is charged with understanding existing and proposed state government programs and economic development policies that further the economic health of Ohio.  The committee is tasked with developing an agenda that its members can use to educate the Ohio General Assembly and Administration, and disseminating information to OEDA members as appropriate.

The Committee works on three basic goals: 

    1) Engage the legislative and executive branches of state government to ensure that policies and programs produce a positive outcome for Ohio’s economic development community.

    2) Actively support State issues and legislation that are of particular interest to OEDA members.

    3) Insure that the legislative and administrative requirements of Ohio's economic development programs allow local economic development organizations to implement the programs effectively and equitably.

A great way to support OEDA’s public policy efforts is the Key Person Program.  Economic development professionals play a critical role in keeping communities and economies strong.  They have an excellent understanding of the issues impacting local and regional communities and economies, making them an excellent resource for policy makers.  The Key Person program is designed to quickly and efficiently identify an economic professional who is able to speak to an issue when meeting with individual legislators who want not only the statewide implications of a bill, but also the impact to the communities in their respective districts. You can express your interest in the Key Person program in your member profile.

Finance Committee - Chris Xeil Lyons, Treasurer

The Finance Committee works with the Board of Directors to prepare an annual budget for the OEDA and reviews the monthly financial statements including the Balance Sheet and Income Statement to measure their progress against the budget. Members of this committee should have a background in finance, or experience with financial statements and the budgeting process.

Investors Committee - David Zak, VP Investors

This is an exciting time for economic development in the state of Ohio. The advent of new programs, new delivery mechanisms and a new organizational structure for economic development in our state makes information, advocacy and training in our field more important than ever.

The Ohio Economic Development Association is the statewide leader and voice for economic development professionals and communities throughout Ohio. Our role has never been larger or more important than it is right now.  

It’s also a great time to invest in the Ohio Economic Development Association. We believe that the exposure to the economic development community as a supporter of these efforts is good for your business and it is vital to the work we do.

We’re asking that you consider an OEDA sponsorship in your plans. Our sponsorship packages provide you with maximum exposure to our members and vendors throughout the year along with additional opportunities at our popular annual summit. It’s a great deal for you and so important to our efforts in economic development in Ohio.

Please take a look at our sponsorship packages and consider putting OEDA in your budget.   We’d be happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again for supporting the Ohio Economic Development Association!

Membership Committee - Holly Johnson, VP Membership

The membership committee of OEDA is comprised of organization members that are actively engaged in recruiting new members for promoting the goals and objectives of OEDA. The membership committee works closely with Area Directors and Executive Committee Leadership in developing a recruitment strategy for attracting economic development professionals and retirees; industry professionals that have an active interest in economic development along with students, and educators.

Professional Development Committee - Mark Barbash, VP Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee oversees all facets of Educational and Professional Development for OEDA.  OEDA is proud to be the state’s leader in continuing professional education and is committed to keeping members abreast of changes impacting the practice of economic development.  The association is the provider of one of the country’s strongest state Basic Economic Development Courses and provides a variety of courses for intermediate and advanced practitioners.  Whether through the Ohio Economic Development Institute and Ohio Certified Economic Developer programs, multi-day conferences or half-day trainings, OEDA is dedicated to providing the high quality educational opportunities. 

OEDA’s Mentoring Program allows members to give back to the profession and helping develop new professionals is also an important part of OEDA’s mission.  Mentors are needed to assist with the Ohio Certified Economic Development Professional program and support the Young Professionals Committee.  Members can volunteer their time on their terms, ensuring that their level of commitment aligns with their availability.  Mentors can serve in a variety of capacities from acting as a local contact for young professionals and those new to economic development or a larger commitment to support a specific member seeking certification and working on their capstone course.  You can express your interest in mentoring in your member profile.

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