OEDA Policy and Programs Committee Policy Procedure Process

Purpose: The Policy is designed to assure an informed and consistent process to evaluate legislative and policy issues that might warrant OEDA support or opposition.

  1. This Policy covers legislative and policy issues at the state or federal level. This could include legislative proposals, administrative procedures, ballot issue or other public policy issues.
  2. Proposals (for consideration) may be submitted by any OEDA member, staff or consultant.
  3. Proposals should be submitted to OEDA President or Policy & Programs Committee (P&P) (Co)Chairs, or OEDA staff.
  4. Proposals should generally be submitted in writing, so as to assure a clear definition of the issue as well as its perceived impact on economic development activities in a community, a region, or the state of Ohio.
  5. The Legislative (Co) Chairs, with the assistance of the Legislative Consultant, will review each proposal and determine if it warrants further consideration by the P & P Committee.
  6. The P & P Committee will be responsible for research into the background, rationale and impact of Proposals. Assistance can be provided by OEDA Officers, Board, staff or consultant in completing this research.
  7. Upon completion of research, the P & P Committee shall consider whether OEDA action is appropriate. This can include support or opposition, deferral for additional research, or decline to take a position.
  8. Action by the P & P Committee can be taken via conference call, email, or meeting.
  9. In the event that the Committee decides that a position is warranted, it will be submitted to the Board of Directors in the form of a resolution that identifies the issue, background, and specific rationale for support or opposition.
  10. The OEDA Board of Directors may take action on the resolution as it sees fit. 

Please contact us at OEDA@assnoffices.com with any questions or requests related to legislative policies and procedures.
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